Interviews: Pablo Schreiber, Bokeem Woodbine, and more talk Season 2 of Halo

The stars, showrunner, and producer of the science fiction series talk about improvements made for Season 2.

Last Updated on March 5, 2024

Video games have always had a hit-or-miss relationship with adaptations. For every fantastic movie or series, there are countless mediocre cahs-grabs that pad studio IP and disappoint fans. But, most of those lackluster productions seem to be a thing of the past as we have entered a wonderful era of quality video game series and films. Two years ago, the long-awaited live-action take on Halo arrived on Paramount+ with Pablo Schreiber in the lead as Master Chief. The series was good enough to warrant a renewal but with a new showrunner brought in to pull the story in a new direction. The result is the far superior second season of Halo, premiering this week (read our review HERE).

The second season of Halo follows the events of the first which found the war between ONI/USMC and Covenant ramping up. Master Chief and his Silver Team encountered Makee (Charlie Murphy) and a slew of enemies they had to combat while also learning the truth of who and what they are from the duplicitous Dr. Halsey (Natascha McElhonne). This year, things have changed as Halsey is replaced by James Ackerson (Joseph Morgan), the Covenant widens its attacks, and the fate of Dr. Halsey is revealed. With new characters and returning favorites, there is more action in this new season of Halo along with better character development for everyone in the ensemble.

I recently chatted with the cast and crew of Halo’s second season. New showrunner David Wiener talked about taking the foundation of the first season and broadening the story this year. Microsoft game honcho Kiki Wolfkill discussed what makes Halo as a television series so unique compared to the best-selling video games. Joseph Morgan discussed joining the cast as a character whose true intentions are hard to fathom while Bokeem Woodbine talked about what is different about playing Soren compared to other roles in his career. I also spoke with star Pablo Schreiber about how playing Master Chief this season differed from last time around. Check out the full interviews in the embed above.

The second season of Halo premieres on February 8th on Paramount+.

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