New The Mummy featurette talks about the legacy of the Universal monsters

Now I've let my ambivalence about this project be known, as well as my rooting for it in spite of that fact. Because, while there are corpses laid out for most of the various Marvel cinematic universe copycats (*cough*AMAZING SPIDER-verse*couch*), I think the DARK UNIVERSE - consisting of modern takes on the classic Universal Monsters - is actually a legitimately cool idea. If done right (which takes me back to my ambivalence to this particular film).

Because, as writer/director Alex Kurtzman says in the featurette below, the Universal monsters were truly the first cinematic universe in film history, really. However, one of the questions going forward was always: do we root for these monsters to team up and fight a bigger threat, or are they going to remain villains with a central hero (or heroes) teaming up to stop them in their inevitable AVENGERS-esque team-up? The aforementioned featurette doesn't quite answer that question, but it's the closest we've seen so far. Let's take a look:

Hmmm, I never knew the Universal monsters cried so much. Maybe The Smiths will be on the soundtrack?

Either way, THE MUMMY will haunt theaters June 9th.

Extra Tidbit: I'm still waiting to see who they cast as the new Abbott and Costello.
Source: YouTube



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