The Nun is here to haunt your dreams in new image

Good morning/afternoon, everyone. Did you sleep alright? Have pleasant dreams about having superpowers, puppies and finally getting the courage to talk to that special someone? Good, because it’s the last time you’re going to have a decent nights sleep in awhile now that we have this new teaser image for the upcoming horror flick, THE NUN. The title baddie is front and center, and now you know what it looks like to stare into the eyes of hell itself.

The image (via EW) shows Valak/The Nun (Bonnie Aarons) being all demonic, and marks what could be an impending trailer/teaser drop. What I’m trying to say is that you’re about to be plagued with nightmares of demonic nuns with pointy fingers for a long time.

THE CONJURING spinoff from Corin Hardy also stars Taissa Farmiga and Demian Bichir and is set in the 1950's in Romania, focusing on Catholic priest and a novitiate sent by the Vatican to investigate the suicide of a nun. The movie is the third spinoff in THE CONJURING series (followed by the two ANNABELLE films) and occupies the same release slot (September 7) as last year's IT, which was met with great success. We all know that if there's anything scarier than clowns, it's nuns.

I'm a fan of these CONJURING movies, for the most part, and this nun was one of the best parts of THE CONJURING 2, so a whole movie centered on her is a brilliant idea. It will make for a sort of gothic-horror outing that could make for a fine, terrifying entry in the series. I can imagine church attendance may get a little low after this film. 

THE NUN arrives September 7.

Source: EW



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