New animated movie Batman and Harley Quinn releases trailer and featurette

I'm going to be honest, I never really liked Harley Quinn. I always preferred Joker to be alone, and besides that, I never liked her outlandish costume and annoying voice. I like even less the romanticization of Harley and Joker's relationship (they're not misunderstood weirdos. They're just psychotic murderers, and Joker abuses her. Constantly).

However, apparently in the comics she's now her own character, separate from The Joker, and honestly Margot Robbie's performance of her is one of the few bright spots in SUICIDE SQUAD (so I'm looking forward to her GOTHAM SIRENS flick). Which makes me curious how the new DC animated movie BATMAN AND HARLEY QUINN will turn out, and if it'll be the thing that finally turns me around on her. Well, they've just released a trailer and featurette, so let's find out:

That...that wasn't great. Which is par the course for recent DC animated features sadly (some have been decent, but definitely not what it once was). I'd also like to know why Batman needs Harley Quinn so bad, besides the fact she has "buzz around [her]" or that "we don't break the fourth wall, but...come close", in other words "we're not copying Deadpool...but we come close". I mean, I know it has something to do with Poison Ivy, but is Harley that useful and not, you know, a huge liability? I don't know, maybe fans of the character will find something in it, but sadly while I no longer hate the character, I don't think this has made me make the leap to "fan" either.

Anyway, BATMAN AND HARLEY QUINN will swing onto DVD/Blu-Ray later this summer.

Extra Tidbit: Harley Quinn is now played by Melissa Rauch (BIG BANG THEORY), rather than Tara Strong (even though Kevin Conroy returns as Batman).
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