Official trailer for Sandy Wexler has more stars than it deserves

Adam Sandler’s movies still have their fans, which is why he’s still getting to make movies. He’s been partnering with Netflix recently for a series of movies, and so far they’ve been…right. Anyway. The newest one on the way is SANDY WEXLER, a movie about an outlandish, obnoxious talent manager. It has Sandler doing some trademark goofy voice, and of course, appearances by all his friends, as apparent in a star-studded official trailer for the movie.

Take a look…or don’t!

It looks like a modern Adam Sandler movie for sure, but admittedly it doesn’t look as bad as RIDICULOUS SIX or THE DO-OVER. I mean…I can’t find the words to defend it, and I probably won’t watch it, but that’s all you can hope for with an Adam Sandler movie: that’s it’s not as bad as some of the others. However, does Vanilla Ice have to be in everything Sandler does now? Is he like a stray cat at the door who doesn’t go away until you give it milk, only to keep coming back because you gave it milk?

SANDY WEXLER is out on Netflix April 14.

Source: Netflix



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