Pet Sematary TV spot shows glimpse of nightmarish new Zelda

Those of you who've seen the first adaptation of PET SEMATARY in 1989 you probably still have the image of the twisted, horrifically gaunt Zelda burned in your mind. The nightmare-inducing character elevated the terror to memorable heights, so you can bet your bottoms the character is going to be in the new version due this April. The new TV spot for the movie offers the first glance at the spine-chilling character, and though it’s not much it's enough to get those nightmares churning all over again.

In the Stephen King story, the tragic character is the older sister of Rachel Creed, the matriarch of the central family, who died when Rachel was a young girl. The director of the 1989 movie, Mary Lambert, cast a male actor, Andrew Hubastek, as the character thinking it would be freakier to have a man playing the teenage girl (yup). In this new movie, Zelda is played by 13-year-old girl Alyssa Brooke Levine, and director Dennis Widmyer revealed (via /Film) that that before he and co-director Kevin Kölsch came on the character wasn’t even part of the script, which is something they had remedied right quick.

“We came along and said you have to have Zelda. And then we just sort of accepted the challenge and said we gotta try to do something on our own and do something that honors the book but is our own thing, which is just as scary if not scarier than they did in the first one.”

PET SEMATARY is out April 5.




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