Photos for Gremlins-like Cute Little Buggers have emerged

While I'm not wholly familiar with Monty Python's library of British comedic gold, I do know that MONTY PYTHON & THE HOLY GRAIL's killer bunny bit is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in cinema. For me, there's something truly hilarious about cuddly, unassuming creatures maiming unsuspecting humans that tickles my funny bone until I'm doubled over with tears of laughter. It's my opinion that films involving diabolically deadly critters will never grow old, and today we've got some new photos for what's being hailed as a "GREMLINS meets HOT FUZZ" feature called CUTE LITTLE BUGGERS that have got me pretty jazzed.

Heat Vision has been kind enough to share an early look at the comedy-horror CUTE LITTLE BUGGERS from director Tony Jopia. The film tells a tale of when aliens crash land in the English countryside and kidnap women from a local ball. The villagers and an out of town hero named Melchior must rescue the women and restore peace. Uncork’d will distribute the film the U.S. and Canada, while High Octane has acquired rights for everywhere else.

Here are some photos from the film:

In speaking about the project, Uncork’d President Keith Leopard commented, "Tony knows how to give audiences a good time – and his latest is no exception. Cute Little Buggers will spook you – there’s moments in this that will make the goosebumps rise and then some — but it will also give audiences belly laugh after belly laugh. At its core it’s a real throwback to the golden-age creature features."

High Octane Pictures founder Galen Christy also offered a few words about this tongue-in-cheek venture by stating, "Not many films can immediately hook you from the first frame… but this sure does! CUTE LITTLE BUGGERS is infused with an infectious energy, some high-spirited performances, and a unique premise — I defy anyone not to really enjoy it!"

Oh my goodness, are those deadly bunnies nestled in that bale of hay? Are those bloody dudes using super soakers as weapons? This movie has my name written all over it! I can't wait to see what all those cute and cuddly alien creatures will do to the English countryside. I sure hope the locals have got their carrots at the ready, and perhaps something more deadly than water in those neon guns of theirs. I'll definitely be checking this one out - I don't even care if the CGI blood looks rather lame. Life's too short not enjoy a film like this!

CUTE LITTLE BUGGERS stars Caroline Munro, Dani Thompson, Honey Holmes, Gary Martin, Sara Dee, Kumud Pant, John R. Walker and more! The film was released on February 10, 2017 in the UK and should be receiving a wide release soon. 

Extra Tidbit: Bunnicula is the OG terror of cuddly creatures out for blood.



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