Promo released for upcoming series Krypton following Superman's grandparents

You know, I have no idea what to think of the upcoming SyFy show KRYPTON. Set in the universe set forward by MAN OF STEEL (meaning, unlike SMALLVILLE or SUPERGIRL, this show is directly connected to the DCEU), the show will follow Superman's grandparents (since I imagine Russell Crowe wasn't available to play his parents on some - likely soon-to-be-cancelled - TV show) in what looks like a lot of GAME OF THRONES-esque intrigue, as well as martial arts fights, and space battles. And probably some sex stuff too.

Look, without Superman's involvement, Krypton is just another generic sci-fi world. Sure, the production values are great (especially on a TV budget), but it's still just another BATTLESTAR GALACTICA-lite sci-fi intrigue show that only has Superman "S" insignias and shoehorned references to Superman's comic past to help it standout (I imagine namedrops for the city of Kandor and the Brainiac computer will make appearances).

Anyway, here's a short teaser with some new footage. Take a look and judge for yourself:

Meanwhile, KRYPTON will explode on SyFy sometime in 2018.

Extra Tidbit: First SUPERBOY, then SMALLVILLE, and now KRYPTON? When's Superman just gonna be Superman on a show? Besides, you know, SUPERGIRL.
Source: YouTube



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