Quentin Tarantino calls Mad Max: Fury Road his favorite film of 2015

George Miller's MAD MAX: FURY ROAD was one hell of a fun ride and easily one of the top films of 2015, and it turns out that we can count Quentin Tarantino among the films fans as well. Tarantino spoke with Première on the red-carpet for the international release of THE HATEFUL EIGHT where he revealed that he considers MAD MAX: FURY ROAD to be his favourite film of the year, despite initially resisting Tom Hardy stepping in to fill Mel Gibson's role.

I got a print of Mad Max on 35mm and I watched it in my house, and I had it all weekend and I ended up watching it three different times, and I resisted seeing it for a while because I was like, ‘Mad Max without Mel Gibson? Forget that!’ In a world where Mel Gibson exists, how can you cast Tom Hardy? So, I even wanted to get all defiant about it and #NotMyMax. Then I saw the movie and, ‘Okay, it’s terrific,’ and he’s pretty good in it, I have to admit, he's pretty good.

Quentin Tarantino has been known to put together his own personal year-end lists every so often, but since he spent much of 2015 working on THE HATEFUL EIGHT, he admits that he hasn't been able to screen nearly as many movies as he usually does; even so, I'd imagine that MAD MAX: FURY ROAD would occupy a spot on Quentin Tarantino's list regardless of the quantity of movies he was able to fit in this year. THE HATEFUL EIGHT will see a limited 70mm release on December 25, 2015 before opening wide on January 1, 2016. You can read our own Eric Walkuski's review of the film right here.

Source: Première



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