Renner & Olsen team-up to solve a murder in the intense Wind River trailer

From director Taylor Sheridan (SICARIO, HELL OR HIGH WATER) comes WIND RIVER, a murder mystery thriller starring Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, and Jon Bernthal. Written by Sheridan, produced by Peter Borg (LONE SURVIVOR, HELL OR HIGH WATER), and scored by rock n roll gods Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (HELL OR HIGH WATER, WAR MACHINE), WIND RIVER is a chilling thriller that follows a rookie FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen) who teams up with a local game tracker with deep community ties and a haunted past (Jeremy Renner) to investigate the murder of a local girl on a remote Native American Reservation in the hopes of solving her mysterious death.

I think this movie looks pretty intense. You can check out the trailer for yourself by watching the video posted below:

While I have yet to see Sheridan's HELL OR HIGH WATER, I did purchase it on Amazon, just moments ago. It's been quite some time since I've seen a solid murder mystery, and from what I can see in the trailer, WIND RIVER looks to deliver a sordid riddle of a murder, chilling, atmospheric locales, and plenty of violence. Honestly, after watching SICARIO last year, I would expect anything less from Sheridan and his team.

The Weinstein Company is expected to release WIND RIVER in select theaters on August 4, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Elizabeth Olsen went by a different name in high school. In order to separate herself from her famous older sisters, Elizabeth went by the name "Elizabeth Chase" in high school! Chase is actually Elizabeth's middle name.



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