Rumor Alert: Harrison Ford is returning to Star Wars: Episode VII as Han Solo

Proceed with caution on this one...

Latino Review is exclusively reporting that Harrison Ford will be returning to STAR WARS: EPISODE VII as the smuggler of our hearts, Han Solo.

El Mayimbe went on Fox News Latino this morning to make the announcement. He said that after demands from the fans of the site to get dirt on the upcoming STAR WARS film, the blogger made some calls and did some digging to find that Ford has been locked down to take on Solo again. Obviously it hasn't officially been released yet, but they are pretty confident that the news is 100% accurate.

Of course, I excerise caution with any of this until something official comes from the studio. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. Ford said not too long ago that he was down to come back as Solo, so maybe he did submit. If this is all true and he is attached, that's majorly awesome. I'm sure my girlhood crush will consume me once more like a Sarlacc pit of love.

Are you guys excited about the possibility?



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