Run, pray and hide in these new Alien: Covenant TV spots

We’re now officially in the final full month before ALIEN: COVENANT arrives, and we’re all about as excited as that kid who’s next in line for the roller coaster and is about to puke from excitement.  Promotion should be ramping up for the sci-fi bloodbath, and to prove my point we have several new TV spots for you featuring new footage of the Xenomorph and the terrified crew. Those guns won’t save you from alien saliva stains. For that, use Oxiclean.

Take a look at all three in one video below! Technology!

As a fan and person who must watch tons of TV spots for his job I’m glad there’s some actual new bits here, instead of it being a repackaging of old trailer footage. Every new goodies is getting me more and more anxious for some good ol-fashioned “don’t’ go that way you [email protected] moron!” suspense and “rip his head off!” action.

ALIEN: COVENANT arrives May 19 with a cast of poor souls that includes Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, Michael Fassbender, Billy Crudup and more.

Source: Fox



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