Ryan Gosling on The Nice Guys and his excitement for Blade Runner 2

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I'm looking forward to Shane Black's THE NICE GUYS almost more than any other film this year. Throwing together Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in 1970's Los Angeles and filling it to the brim with dark humour and murder mystery? Hell yeah! Billed as a "spiritual sequel" to Black's excellent KISS KISS BANG BANG, the upcoming film stars Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe as struggling private-eye Holland March and hired enforcer Jackson Healy respectively, "two working-class dudes who are forced to work together to solve the case of a missing girl and death of a porn star – an investigation that uncovers a surprising conspiracy with major ramifications for those in the highest positions of power." The trailers have been absolutely hilarious and tickled me just right, so it's so surprise to learn that the actual shooting of the film was just as fun.

While speaking with THR during the red-carpet premiere of THE NICE GUYS, Gosling admitted that both Crowe and himself were laughing almost non-stop throughout production. "We had to seriously hold it together," said Gosling. THE NICE GUYS director Shane Black added:

I’ve been on sets where the two guys didn’t like each other very much, that’s a terrible situation and this was not that. The problem was, if any, was that they were ruining takes because they would make each other laugh and they were sadistic about it. We’d be screaming, 'Not tonight guys, come on, we’re losing the light! We blocked off the entire street, please not tonight.’ And that of course just made them do it more and crack each other up even more. But, you know, it’s fun to watch.

Ryan Gosling told Variety that he's a huge fan of both Shane Black and Russell Crowe and that he's long wanted to work with Crowe, he just "never thought it would be in a movie with a giant, smoking bee." Gosling's next big project likely won't be filled with quite as many laughs, but it's one that he's very excited about. Ryan Gosling is set to star in Denis Villeneuve's sequel to BLADE RUNNER which will also be bringing back Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard. Gosling recently spoke with IGN where he revealed that he still can't believe that he's involved with the project.

As a fan of the film, the fact that Ridley [Scott] and Harrison [Ford] wanted to extend that story and keep going was exciting enough. The idea of getting to be an actor involved in that some way is really, you know, I kinda can't believe it. I'll believe it when I'm there and we're doing it.

THE NICE GUYS will hit theaters on May 20, 2016 while the BLADE RUNNER sequel is due out on October 6, 2017.

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