Ryan Reynolds hopes Deadpool will open the door for R-rated superhero films

Last nights screening of DEADPOOL was a huge success, according to the fans at least; the reactions to the film were hugely positive, which has me absolutely pumped to finally see the film for myself in a little under a month. Despite its status as a "superhero film," DEADPOOL is firmly embracing its R-rating, which includes "strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity.” While an R-rating is in no way a surefire path to a great film, Ryan Reynolds is hoping that should DEADPOOL prove to be a success, we'll see many more R-rated superhero films on the horizon.

I think it has to [open the door for more R-rated superhero movies]. There are a lot of superhero movies out there on the market. It’s a genre unto itself. I personally would like to see more rated R ones. I just think it’s time. We’ll see if this holds. Hollywood shamefully copycats every movie that works – so if this does work, you’ll probably see more rated R films!

Reynolds said that it's very unlikely that we'd ever get an R-rated AVENGERS movie, but suggested that "there’s room for a rated R X-Force movie!" It will be interesting to see just how DEADPOOL will do when it comes to the box-office, because while the film has definitely been embraced by the movie community, especially here at JoBlo, it's still hard to tell how the film (and character) will be received by the rest of the public. We've seen this sort of thing happen before with film's that are hyped up by us movie geeks, more times than not, when it actually hits theaters, the box-office fizzles. Here's hoping DEADPOOL won't share that fate. 

Deadpool's rapid-fire delivery of jokes will likely be a highlight of the film, but for every joke we see/hear, there are a bunch which were unfortunately left on the cutting room floor. Thankfully, they may still see the light of day as Ryan Reynolds says that DEADPOOL's inevitable DVD/Blu-ray release will contain more than its share of extras.

This movie’s going to have a sh*t ton of DVD extras, because for every joke in the movie, there’s probably 3-10 alternates. We just tried so many different things. It was sort of heartbreaking, too, because you can’t put it all in. We sat in the edit room for months and just painstakingly went through the movie – you gotta kill some of your darlings.

DEADPOOL hits theaters on February 12, 2015.

Source: Comic Book



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