Ryan Reynolds is unsure if Deadpool will get another solo film

With DEADPOOL 2 set to introduce fans to the eclectic super group known as X-Force, it seems unlikely that the Merc with a Mouth would revert to flying solo, if and when another sequel to Fox's box office-breaking comic book adventure gets the green light. Recently while speaking with Entertainment Weekly, DEADPOOL star Ryan Reynolds admitted to the outlet that he's unsure if DEADPOOL 3 will be announced, or if it's even necessary.


“I don’t know that there would be a Deadpool 3. I really don’t,” says Reynolds. “I feel like the character, in order for him to function properly within his own universe, you need to take everything away from him. I don’t think that you can keep doing that. I do see him as being a part of X-Force, obviously. I would love to see him in a team-up sort of thing, like a mano a mano or a great female character from the X-Men universe. I just think if you’re going to do another Deadpool solo film, you’ve got to really, like, get that budget down to nothing and just swing for the fences, and break all kinds of weird barriers, and do stuff that no one else can do.”

For the moment, we know that Wade is already set to return as the assassin in the red pajamas for Drew Goddard's (CABIN IN THE WOODS) upcoming X-FORCE movie. With this in mind, it stands to reason that Fox and Marvel might be looking to change things up for the character, going forward. When asked about what type of new and exciting direction a third Deadpool solo venture could take, Reynolds posed his own question to EW: “Why do they all have to be big comic book movies? It could be anything. Deadpool could be a Sundance film.”

Intrigued by his inquiry, EW asked Reynolds if the DEADPOOL franchise could produce something akin to CALL ME BY YOUR NAME, to which he responded by saying “I wouldn't’t suggest for a second that our writing would be at that level, but I do think that we could go to a lot of very unexpected places,” Reynolds suggested. “I do think that we could go to a lot of very unexpected places. I’ll just put it that way, but I would love that.”

What do you think about the idea of Deadpool leading his X-Force team into a series of films, going forward? Would you miss the lone Wade routine, or does the prospect of him teaming up with other lesser-known characters from the Marvel Universe have you excited for what's to come? Let us know in the comments section below.

DEADPOOL 2 starring Ryan ReynoldsJosh BrolinZazie BeetzStefan Kapicic, Morena Bacarin, Bill SkarsgardT.J. MillerTerry Crews, Lewis Tan, and Brianna Hilderbrand will look to show comic book action movies how its done on May 18th. 



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