Scarlett Johannson seduces us in this clip and 10 posters for Under the Skin

Jonathan Glazer's surreal and bizarre science fiction film UNDER THE SKIN will be hitting theaters very soon and the media is heating up in anticipation of seeing Scarlett Johannson get freaky and sexual on camera. So far, the trailers have not shed too much on the plot of the film aside from some truly odd imagery involving nudity and deformities. In other words, the most heart-warming film of the year.

Keeping with the surreal visuals we have seen so far, Total Film has unveiled ten posters designed by artist Neil Kellerhouse. Some include Scarlett Johannson while others offer images such as eyeballs and an abandoned child on a rocky beach. What do they all mean? You will have to see the film to figure that out.

An alien in human form (Scarlett Johansson) roams Scotland, luring men into her nest so they can be consumed. After a while, the realities of having a human body, and being desired, begin to have a strange effect on her.

While our own Chris Bumbray reviewed the film back at the Toronto International Film Festival and gave it a middling review, other critics are lauding the unique tale both for the performances and Glazer's visuals. I love bizarre films like this and any opportunity to see some of Scarlett's goodies is enough to earn my money.

To help tide you over until the April 4th theatrical premiere of UNDER THE SKIN, here is a clip from the film along with those 10 beautifully odd posters.

Source: Total Film



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