See how Walter is made in new Alien: Covenant promo

ALIEN: COVENANT is only a few months away so we will start to see a big ramp-up in promotional material coming out for the flick. One of the first comes in a video released today advertising the humanoid android, Walter (Michael Fassbender). The video plays like how an Apple ad will look years from now, taking you through the creation of one of these fine specimens to the tune of some hypnotic music and lots of white equipment and walls.  And yes, as you will see in the video, it’s best to inject the marinade into your Walter before covering it and letting it bake for three days at 450.

The video is eerie for sure and introduces Walter in a curious way. I feel like he’ll have a big role to play much like David did in PROMETHEUS, so this is pretty cool, out-of-the-box way of getting audiences familiar with him. But to be sure he works properly you have to remember to check his internal temperature for a nice 160 degrees.

ALIEN: COVENANT arrives May 19.

Source: Fox



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