Sharknado 5 is becoming a reality, as if things weren't bad enough already

So, *sigh*, there's yet another SHARKNADO movie coming out - a fifth one in fact - from The Asylum and Syfy. It's because you demanded it. They wouldn't be makin' 'em if nobody was watchin' 'em.

Anyway, here's the official plot synopsis:

With much of North America lying in ruins, the rest of the world braces for the inevitable – a global sharknado. Fin Shepard and his family must put a stop to this disaster before Earth is completely obliterated. 

And here's also a snippet from the script to give an idea of what to expect:

Now, look, don't get the wrong idea. I'm not being dismissive of SHARKNADO because it's a bad movie. I've seen BIRDEMIC thirty times (not an exaggeration), THE ROOM close to that, as well as Neil Breen and David DeCoteau films. So I like bad movies. However, I feel the best bad movies have sincerity to them. Witnessing the passion and the bizarre world views of the worst bad films creates true art, even if they're incompetent madness splattered on celluloid. But stuff like SHARKNADO and Asylum's other output are just shoddy products, films that know they're seen as bad so they feel they don't have to try. They're not made with passion, nor pushing a bizarre world view. They're just jokes, and not even particular funny ones at that.

But that's just me. I get the appeal, just not my thing. But are there any SHARKNADO fans out there? And if, you looking forward to this fifth one? Sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: SHARKNADO is a funny idea for a five-minute sketch, not a feature film, let alone five. The more you know.
Source: The Asylum



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