UPDATED: Simon Pegg says that we will see the Millennium Falcon in J.J. Abrams' Star Wars

UPDATE: One of our readers pointed out a tweet from Pegg that referenced the article. Maybe these are things he wants for the next installment. Please let's see the Millennium Falcon once more.

Since J.J. Abrams is the one helming the first STAR WARS film since 2005s STAR WARS EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH, we can expect that he will keep most of the details under wraps. Luckily, we have someone like Simon Pegg who is willing to share a little, but not too much. He's basically waving what we want from the series in front of our faces and leaving us wanting more. Nerd do well.

During an interview with Total Film for their upcoming issue, Pegg spoke about how Abrams would breathe new life into STAR WARS: EPISODE VII but keep the things we love about it:

“What will he bring to the franchise? Everything that was missing from the last three. That’s what he did to Star Trek, really – invigorate it with a little bit of Star Wars magic. He switched it from science-fiction to science-fantasy."

“And I think if anyone can pull [Star Wars] out of the mire, it’s J.J. He’ll bring the fun back. Lucas seemed to misread what made the first ones great, and concentrate on things that people didn’t really care about, or wilfully ignore the things that people cared about. Whereas J.J. will embrace them all."

“We’re going to see the Millennium Falcon again. We’re going to see those characters again. All the things that we loved about the first three, we will see again."

Ah, it brings a little tear to my eye.

Source: Total Film



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