Suicide Squad has officially begun filming

Are you folks ready for the most mind-blowing SUICIDE SQUAD news you've heard all day? Well you'd better hold on to your butts because David Ayer's SUICIDE SQUAD has officially began filming today. That's right, and to commemorate the occasion David Ayer posted this incredibly exciting photo on his Twitter; just take a deep breath and scroll down slowly.

Yea I know, it's a photo of a clapperboard taken off a monitor. Ol' Kevin tried to fool ya and he feels very bad about it. In all seriousness though, how cool is it that we're actually getting a SUICIDE SQUAD film, let alone one from the fantastic team Ayer has assembled? I really can't wait to see how he pulls it off and now that SUICIDE SQUAD has actually begun filming, I'd imagine we'll start seeing some glimpses of the various actors in costume, so keep an eye out for those.

Scott Eastwood, who has worked with David Ayer previously on FURY, was grilled by MTV News about his possible role in SUICIDE SQUAD; the actor didn't give up many new details but he did say (while laughing) that he has seen Jared Leto's hair. Scott Eastwood is said to be taking on the role of Colonel Steve Trevor, but we've yet to receive confirmation on that.

SUICIDE SQUAD will be hitting theaters on August 5, 2016 and I have to say, the film is moving its way up my list of most anticipated movies with each bit of information we get.

Source: TwitterMTV News



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