Suicide Squad director David Ayer details cut Joker scene

SUICIDE SQUAD was...okay, we’re not going over this again. One thing that’s fair to say is that a lot of people went into that movie expecting certain things and walked out woefully disappointed. Such was the case for anyone wanting to see plenty of Jared Leto’s Joker and were instead treated to only a handful of scenes. Now director David Ayer has come out detailing a scene that was cut from the film, further giving you reason to scream "Why?!!" to the heavens.

The response from Ayer was triggered by a fan who posted several recognizable pics of Leto’s Joker in a tuxedo with part of his face all scraped and bruised. The fan then posted the comment “I’m still waiting for an explanation,” which resulted in Ayer detailing the scene, which saw Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) offering to make him “King of Gotham”.

He then explained the point of the scene, saying it was all about Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) finally standing up to Joker.

Images of this Joker after the helicopter crash in the movie have been making the rounds for some time, but the scene never made it into the movie or the extended cut. Fans assumed this would explain how the Joker survived such a fiery crash and was able to break out Quinn at the end of the movie, and it seems like the scene did have a major place in the film, at some point.

Oh well. As cool as that would’ve been to see, what’s cut is cut. The scene probably would’ve taken the Squad down a whole new path on their way to the final battle against Enchantress, and chances are it just didn’t fit or slowed things down. Whatever the reason, unless it somehow finds a way online we can only imagine how cool that may have looked.

Source: David Ayer



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