Tessa Thompson teases us all by revealing her Infinity War appearance


AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR featured virtually every Marvel character we’ve seen thus far, with characters who have never encountered each other coming together for a series of epic battles. There were a few notable exclusions though, including a key character from THOR: RAGNAROK, Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson. She was likely somewhere, though, and through the magic of technology, she was able to reveal her character was in plain sight this whole time.

Taking to social media this weekend, Thompson addressed the fans asking where she was while Thanos was taking over the universe. Using Twitter, she teased us all by showing us where she was this whole time, and it was in the loving embrace of the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan).

Now, for those who do not follow her on Twitter, this may spark a few question marks to sprout above your head in a cartoonish fashion. All you have to know is that someone has done God’s work and created the page “tessa as goats” (@tessasgoats), which does nothing but compare pics of Thompson with goats. She has embraced the page and has spent many days retweeting many of these pics, and they are all special in their own unique way.

There is a real answer to where Valkyrie was during INFINITY WAR, especially as Thanos attacked the Asgardian vessel she was on. Did she escape with a bunch of other Asgardians? Was she among the slain? That’s a question that will soon be answered in time. For now ... more goats! Like, just imagine that song where they say "Shots!" a bunch of times, but then replace it with "Goats!" Let that sink in, and now continue with your day.

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