The Russos say Avengers 4 could easily be longer than Infinity War

The next two AVENGERS movies will be the culmination of everything we’ve seen in the MCU up to this point, resulting in the epicness of all epicness. Needless to say, the movies need to have long runtimes in order to fit everything, and everyone one, in. Clocking in at about two and a half hours makes INFINITY WAR a hefty film, but directors Joe and Anthony Russo think AVENGERS 4 could easily pass that mark. Well, at least one Russo does.

While speaking with Collider during the press tour for INFINITY WAR, the duo were asked if the fourth movie would end up being longer than this one. Joe said at this point they have a rough cut of the movie (Anthony says it’s more of an “assembly”), claiming it’s the longest rough cut out of all of their four Marvel films. Though there’s a bit of back-and-forth between the brothers, Joe seems a little more confident in the next movie’s runtime.

Anthony Russo: To their credit, we have never gotten a time mandate from them [Disney].

Joe Russo: I’ll say it could easily be a three-hour film, but I think that we’re very hard on the material, we like it to play at a certain pace. I’m sure that we’ll squeeze it.

Anthony Russo: We have a whole year of work left on that movie.

Joe Russo: I do think it will be longer than Avengers 3.

Anthony also makes sure to mention that being a year out means they have no idea how long the movie will actually be, saying it’s “impossible” to tell. But it seems like they have a ton of footage to go through, and given that a lot of the bigger Marvel movies do push the two and half hour mark, a longer finale to this whole Thanos business is in the cards.

If we are to play the speculation game I’m going to say that if AVENGERS 4 is longer than INFINITY WAR then it will be by only several minutes, maybe going to the 165-minute mark. Though Disney apparently doesn’t give them a specific runtime window, I bet dollars to doughnuts they won’t be 100 percent down with a three-hour movie. I think people’s asses are still hurting from sitting in the theater for RETURN OF THE KING 15 years ago. Oh, who am I kidding? I would pay to see a five-hour AVENGERS movie if that's what we got!


Source: Collider



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