The sequel to Gareth Edwards' Monsters gets a title and plot synopsis

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For a while it didn't look like a sequel to MONSTERS was going to happen. Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas were attached to direct the film but there hasn't been any movement on the project since. Gareth Edwards had moved on to direct the Godzilla reboot and it seemed like the project had stalled.

Well it turns out that the newly titled MONSTERS: DARK CONTINENT is in fact filming in Jordon and Tom Green is now directing the sequel. Tom Green (not to be confused with the Razzie Award winning actor) is making his feature debut and has previously directed several episodes of the BBC show Misfits. Although Gareth Edwards isn't directing the sequel he is on board as one of the executive producers. The film stars Johnny Harris (WELCOME TO THE PUNCH), Sam Keeley (WHAT RICHARD DID), and Joe Dempsie (Game of Thrones) and will be set several years after the first film:

Infected Zones have spread across the world. While US military try to wipe out the monsters, they soon realize they face resistance from a number of corners.

I wonder if since there was some political themes in MONSTERS the resistance from "a number of corners" aren't necessarily aliens and the film could explore how other countries deal with each other in such a crisis. MONSTERS was a little over-hyped but I still enjoyed it and wouldn't mind seeing how those Infected Zones have impacted other poeople and areas of the world.

Extra Tidbit: Even though the effects weren't that great part of the reason why people appreciated MONSTERS was because of what Gareth Edwards created with limited funds. Will a bigger budget benefit or hurt DARK CONTINENT?
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