The Solomon Kane trailer hits Comic Con

SOLOMON KANE was supposed to come out two years ago, but through several matters of circumstance, it never saw the light of day or the dark of a theater. But, with the trailer showing at Comic Con this week, it looks like the world may finally get the chance to see the completed film.

Plot: The first part in a trilogy series, "Solomon Kane" is an epic adventure adapted from the classic pulp stories by Robert E. Howard, creator of "Conan the Barbarian." Solomon Kane (James Purefoy) is a 16th Century soldier who learns that his brutal and cruel actions have damned him. Determined to redeem himself, Kane swears to live a life of peace and goodness but is forced to fight once more when a dark power threatens the land.

Check out the new trailer.

SOLOMON KANE falls into the same category of characters as TARZAN and JOHN CARTER. While the budget for this movie looks considerably less than JOHN CARTER, the results look just as reverential to the source material.

Source: Yahoo Movies



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