The trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront showcases an Endor battle and more

There's no question that Star Wars fans have been waiting for another look at THE FORCE AWAKENS for some time, but gamers have been waiting for a third Battlefront game even longer! Thanks to Star Wars Celebration going down in Anaheim, California, we have the reveal trailer for this long-awaited game that's set to hit gaming consoles and PC this Fall. First, check out this amazing action sequence, and then we'll talk gaming details!

The above trailer is entirely in-engine, so you can expect that level of detail in the finished product. A huge draw of this new Battlefront is the level of detail DICE has put in. They've gone on-location to where many of the original movies were shot to capture as many real elements to replicate as they could. They also had access to the props and vehicles, as well as the huge library of sound created for the Star War universe. Speaking of sound, the game will utilize Dolby Atmos, which is capable of delivering up to 128 audio tracks simultaneously, guaranteeing that you'll feel like you're in the middle of an amazing Star Wars battle. Battlefront won't feature any action in space, but it looks like players will be plenty busy in-atmosphere.

Gameplay-wise, while there will be single player missions, the obvious focus of Battlefront is online multi-player. As of now, the modes will range from 8 to 40 players. In regards to gameplay style, you can actually switch between first AND third person, depending on your preference. The game will also feature split-screen co-op utilizing a partner feature, allowing you to share gear and respawn at your team mate's location. Judging from the trailer, it looks like you'll be able to pick a variety of alien classes, despite your faction.

Furthermore, Star Wars: Battlefront will also feature a tie-in to the upcoming STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. As you may have noticed, a junkyard planet has been featured heavily in the first two teasers for THE FORCE AWAKENS. While many initially thought that may have been Tatooine, it was confirmed yesterday to be the planet Jakku. On December 8th, anyone who owns a copy for Battlefront will be able to get The Battle of Jakku DLC for free, featuring a map and missions in this Episode VII locale.

Star Wars: Battlefront will hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17, 2015.



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