The You Were Never Really Here trailer will leave you in a violent trance

In YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE, Joaquin Phoenix is a tormented enforcer named Joe, who's on a mission to rescue a missing teenage girl. While on the hunt, a corrupt power and unrelenting vengeance are unleashed by way of a violent storm of aggression that may lead to Joe's awakening.

Directed by Lynne Ramsay, YOU WERE NEVER REALLY HERE stars a rather grizzled-looking Joaquin Phoenix (THE MASTER) and 14-year-old actress Ekaterina Samsonov (WONDERSTRUCK). The film is titled A BEAUTIFUL DAY in France, and from what I can see in this international trailer, we're in for an intense ride. 

For me, I'm really digging the overall look of the film as well as the pulse-pounding Trance music that seems to live in the bones of this new trailer. I'm getting some heavy TAKEN and LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL vibes from the footage as well. Put all of that in a bag with the tortured look of Phoenix's character and the hypnotic mystique of his pint-sized partner-in-escape and you've got a film that is most definitely on my list of things to see.

IMDB lists the film as having a release date of October 19th in the Netherlands, though conflicting reports indicate that it could open as late as November. That said, Amazon, who is posied to distribute the film domestically, has yet to announce any dates for the U.S. release. We'll be sure to keep you in the know should we hear any word about any definitive dates.

Extra Tidbit: Good grief. Getting smacked in the head with a hammer would be a terrible way to go, I think.
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