Things go boom on the Cleveland set of The Avengers

Cleveland is filling in for New York City for portions of THE AVENGERS and the crew is in town blowing shit up this week. Chris Evans was also spotted during filming so it looks like Captain America is in town as the mysterious forces attack. (I only wish I could explain a little bit more about what I know re: these "mysterious forces" but I fear the embargo gag has been forced too far down my throat...)

As we've seen with THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, any time you're filming a big movie in a public square, some pics and video are going to pop up online. And that's just what we have here.

In addition to the flashy fireworks show downtown, AVENGERS filming has also been taking place at the NASA Space Power Facility in Sandusky, OH, which will stand-in as some kind of SHIELD installation.

Filming is set to continue in Cleveland through the end of August with the production, including some of the cast, filming in actual New York City for just a few days this September.

Source: Splash News



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