Trailer for Aussie horror flick The Loved Ones may dissuade you from going to Prom

Horror fans, as well as people who have been shot down after asking someone to prom, can take comfort in knowing that the Aussie's have got your back with THE LOVED ONES, a brutal revenge tale that revolves around a psychotic girl kidnapping and torturing the guy who refused her invitation to prom.  That's some serious shit right there.

Already a smash hit around the world and in the festival circuits (including the Midnight Madness Audience Award from TIFF) the film is now coming to the US in limited release.

Don't forget the corsage:

The film stars Robin McLeavy as the psychotic kidnapper/revenge-seeker and Xavier Samual as the guy who should've said "yes" instead of "no."  While some may see this as just another "torture porn" horror flick, it's important to note that it is both a critical and audience favorite, which eludes to it likely being more than meets the eye. 

I'm intrigued.  I love seeing a woman scorned dishing out psychotic punishment.  Perhaps that's why I'm still married.

THE LOVED ONES sees a limited release on June 1st via Tugg.com.

Extra Tidbit: Have you ever thought about kidnapping and torturing someone who shot you down for prom? Wait...don't answer that.
Source: Paramount



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