Trailer for season five of HBO's True Blood features lots of vamps, werewolves, and explosions

HBO's vampire series TRUE BLOOD is about to kick off it's fifth season next month and today we have a nice little trailer to sweeten the deal.  Series showrunner Alan Ball (AMERICAN BEAUTY) has said that this is his last season working on the show and judging by the trailer it appears he is going out with a literal bang.

Season five looks to focus heavily on The Authority, which is the equivalent of a "vampire government" getting involved with the goings on of Bon Tomps, the fictional town in Louisiana where all the vampire/werewolf/werepanther/fairy/witch/shape-shifter/war-vet cook action takes place.  The addition of Christopher Meloni as the head of The Authority is sure to be a hoot.  Plus, we have the return of the awesomely evil vampire, Russell Edgington, played to perfection by Denis O'Hare.

Sink your teeth into this:

If you've never seen the show or are on the fence about watching it, there are a number of reasons to check it out.  First off, it's what TWILIGHT would be if it were rated-R and written for grown ups that like lots of sex, gore, and freaky shit.  Secondly, there's lots of nudity to go around for all tastes.  And lastly, Deborah Ann Woll, as vampire Jessica, is probably the hottest redhead gracing the screen today.  There are many other reasons to watch, but those are my top three.  Just my two pennies, but there's my incentive.

TRUE BLOOD season five premieres on June 17, 2012 on HBO.

Extra Tidbit: You've heard my reasons to watch the show, you fangbangers. Let's hear your reasons to watch...
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