Trailer for The Other Side of The Door will have you shaking your head

How hard is to follow one simple rule?

Seriously... Far too many horror movies these days rely on stupid people making stupid decisions when, if they simply followed the rules they were given, all would be fine. But no... they can't do that, because, if they did, we wouldn't get flicks like THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR to fill up theaters on some random weekend in March.

Here, we get this poor mom (Sarah Wayne Callies) who loses her child way too early and is obviously distraught about it. It's a horrible situation, and you understand the trauma she is going through, especially having witnessed it happening. But then she's given the opportunity to use some sort of supernatural means in order to at least say one final goodbye with the caveat that she can't open a door as she hears the voice of her deceased son on the other son?

No one thought this through, right? What did they expect was going to happen? This lady isn't thinking clearly in the moment. She's emotional. Of course she's not going to follow the rules, and of course the shit is going to hit the fan. I'm placing the blame on the lady who thought she was doing something good here. Way to go. You've unleashed hell on this family and potentially the world around you.

People are dumb.

Okay, go ahead and take a look... You deserve to shake your head, too.

THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR opens on March 4, 2016.



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