We become colonists in the Alien: Covenant experience at Comic Con 2017!

I made no bones about how much I dug ALIEN: COVENANT earlier this year, but I know that some didn't dig it as much as me and that's totally cool. However, I think it's a film worth revisiting, if even just for Michael Fassbender's awesome turn as David (and as Walter in this film), which is a tremendous role for his talents. The film is gearing up for its blu-ray release and in anticipation of that have a nifty little activation on the ComIc Con floor, which "tests" you to see if you're eligible to be the next heroic colonist (that will, of course, meet an untimely doom at the hands/fangs/tail/acid blood of a xenomorph or two. Join me as I venture through the process to see if I'm colonial material (Colonial Marines, maybe) and if I can survive the day...

ALIEN: COVENANT hits blu ray on August 15th (preorder HERE). You can check out the experience for yourself at Comic Con Booth #3529

Source: JoBlo.com



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