We interview Elizabeth Banks and the cast of Power Rangers!

Hey all you POWER RANGERS fans! Are you ready for the team of teen superheroes to take on the evil Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks)? Well, now we have a brand spanking new adventure that is better than I had anticipated. Look, the entire PR appeal was a bit out of my timeline, but I know a ton of folks who dug the show. When it comes to the latest, directed by Dean Israelite (PROJECT ALMANAC), it is a much better ride than you’d expect. The cast is solid and the effects are impressive. I was especially surprised at how character driven this flick was.

Recently, at the POWER RANGERS junket, I once again had the chance to talk with Elizabeth Banks. Considering her work as Effie Trinket in THE HUNGER GAMES franchise, the actress is certainly accustomed to taking on crazy outfits and wild make-up. And yes, Rita Repulsa is just as crazy when it comes to all of that, and she is awesome. The actress discussed playing in the POWER RANGERS world and the fun of playing this kind of character.

Now it wouldn’t be the POWER RANGERS if we didn’t talk to the Red, Blue, Black, Yellow and Pink Ranger. First we sat down with Becky G. and RJ Cyler who discussed the unexpected character traits. It was nice to see the inclusion of characters that rarely appears in this kind type of flick - a gay character and one with Aspergers. And finally, I had a great time talking with Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott and Ludi Lin. The three discussed who was a fan, and what it was like taking on this popular franchise.  All five of the young talents were absolutely fantastic to chat with.

POWER RANGERS is exploding into theatres this Friday at a theatre near you! Go Go Power Rangers!


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