Weekend Box Office Report: April 20-22, 2018

A Quiet Place makes more box office noise!

The hushed thriller A QUIET PLACE sneaked back into first place at the box office this weekend with an estimated $22 million!

Traveling on strong word-of-mouth, director-star John Krasinski's PG-13 horror movie has now collected a $132.3 million domestic total on its third weekend in theaters.

Krasinski's and Emily Blunt's creature-evading family has also gathered $74.8 million from international crowds for a worldwide total of $207.1 million (on a reported cost of $17 million).

Stumbling to second place was Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's PG-13 monster mash RAMPAGE with $21 million, dipping by 41% from its opening on top last week. The $120 million videogame adaptation has a ten-day domestic total of $66.6 million, and has punched its way to $283 million worldwide.

Amy Schumer's latest comedy I FEEL PRETTY opened in third place with $16.2 million.

The actress' new PG-13 effort got a slower start than the $19.5 milllion opening of last summer's R-rated SNATCHED and the $30 million debut of R-rated breakout TRAINWRECK in 2015.

Schumer's $32 million empowerment didn't provide much hilarity for critics, who gave it an average of 34% on Rotten Tomatoes (the JoBlo review is HERE).

In fourth place was the new comedy SUPER TROOPERS 2 with an opening weekend of $14.7 million (more than half of which came just from its 4/20 release day).

The R-rated sequel from the Broken Lizard guys cost a reported $13.5 million, with a chunk of that gathered from its extraordinary crowdfunding success.

The original SUPER TROOPERS opened with $6.2 million in 2002 and went on to $18.4 million total before developing an enthusiastic cult following on home video.

Critics weren't particularly interested in the second round of mustache rides with the law enforcement pranksters, giving it a 35% average on Rotten Tomatoes. You can check out the JoBlo review HERE.

Low-budget thriller TRUTH OR DARE was in fifth place with $7.9 million, losing 57% from its opening last weekend. The PG-13 Blumhouse release has a ten-day domestic total of $30.3 million on a reported $3.5 million cost.

Director Steven Spielberg's READY PLAYER ONE was in sixth with $7.5 million for a domestic total of $126.1 million on its fourth weekend in theaters. The $175 million virtual-reality adventure has reached $521 million worldwide, and Spielberg's filmography has now collectively grossed more than $10 billion globally.

R-rated comedy BLOCKERS was in seventh place with $6.9 million, bringing it to $48.2 million domestic and $67 million worldwide (on a reported cost of $21 million).

In eighth place was Marvel's BLACK PANTHER with $4.6 million, taking it to a whopping domestic total of $681 million (which is more than the combined domestic totals of the first IRON MAN, THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA movies). A week before Marvel's heroes all gather to fight Thanos, T'Challa on his own has amassed $1.32 billion worldwide.

Opening in ninth place was the new thriller TRAFFIK with $3.8 million.

The R-rated action-drama, featuring Paula Patton and Omar Epps contending with belligerent bikers during a vacation, only cost a reported $4 million.

Critics mostly wanted to get away from the weekend getaway, giving the modern exploitation flick an average of 24% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Wes Anderson's ISLE OF DOGS closed out the list with $3.4 million, giving the filmmaker's stop-motion canine whimsy a domestic total of $24.3 million.

Outside the chart, religious melodrama I CAN ONLY IMAGINE faded along with TYLER PERRY'S ACRIMONY and CHAPPAQUIDDICK.

Next weekend has a single notable release: the highly anticipated team-up of Marvel's heavy-hitters in AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR.

How much money do you think AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR will end up making in total at the domestic box office? VOTE HERE!

1. A Quiet Place $22 M $132.3 M
2. Rampage $21 M $66.6 M
3. I Feel Pretty $16.2 M
4. Super Troopers 2 $14.7 M
5. Truth or Dare $7.9 M $30.3 M
6. Ready Player One $7.5 M $126.1 M
7. Blockers $6.9 M $48.2 M
8. Black Panther $4.6 M $681 M
9. Traffik $3.8 M
10. Isle of Dogs $3.4 M $24.3 M


Source: Box Office Mojo



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