What exactly are we looking at in new Battle: Los Angeles poster?

I was skeptical of the concept, but BATTLE: LOS ANGELES won me over with its rather haunting trailer, even though I still think it fundamentally looks like Michael Bay directing DISTRICT 9.

My biggest concern stems from the aliens themselves, who from what I've seen are overdesigned to the point of being nonsense. I get that not all aliens probably have sleek looking ships, but these just seem like someone dipped a giant magnet into a junkyard, and decided to fly across the galaxy in with whatever stuck to it.

What is this thing? A ship? A city? One of their foreheads? I can't even tell, but I do know that Michelle Rodriguez will probably blow it up.

Speaking of blowing up, that's what you can do with this poster if you click on it and head over the Pimpin' Poster Palace. That was a flawless transition.

Extra Tidbit: The memorable song from that trailer is "The Sun's Gone Dim and the Sky's Turned Black" by Johann Johannsson.
Source: JoBlo.com



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