Mr. Brooks director reveals what would’ve happened in the sequels

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

Probably one of the most underrated thrillers to come out in the last 15 years is 2007's, MR. BROOKS. It really feels like a hidden treasure at this point because for some reason critics were mixed on the film, gracing it with a 55% rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes and it didn't light the box office on fire either ($28 million domestic gross on a $20 million budget). What I've come to realize is that it's one of those films that has found a life years after its release and it has definitely gained a following. In the film, a well-respected businessman is sometimes controlled by his murder and mayhem-loving alter ego. The movie features some great performances, with Kevin Costner and William Hurt stealing the show as the two sides of Earl Brooks' killer impulses, and even Dane Cook, playing it straight here, shines in his role as Mr. Smith. The way everything wrapped up in the film leaves things open for more stories to tell and now co-writer/director Bruce A. Evans is detailing what would've happened not only in MR. BROOKS 2 but also in a third installment.


Evans talked with the folks over at "Bloody Disgusting" and revealed that the second film would've centered on Brooks working with Detective Atwood (played by Demi Moore in the first film) after his wife (Marg Helgenberger) and his daughter (Danielle Panabaker) have been abducted. In fact, the kidnappers would be contending with Brooks and his daughter because, if you remember the ending of the first film, it's clear that Brooks' daughter has the same murderous tendencies as her father and it hints that the cycle could be carrying on through her. As we headed into the third film, the idea came courtesy of Mr. Brooks himself, Kevin Costner. The third installment would've centered on his daughter Jane turning against her father and framing him for murder. Realizing there's no hope for his daughter, Mr. Brooks would've driven them both off a pier which would've ended his daughter's reign of terror and his own tortured life. As for William Hurt, who plays Marshall and the physical manifestation of Mr. Brooks' murderous alter ego, he would've returned as well but Brooks would have tried killing this part of his psyche several times with Marshall coming back "angrier and more perverse" every time. 

Given that the film didn't do all that great at the box office but has gained a cult following over the years, could these sequels happen? Evans had this to say about the chances of them coming to light:

"About ninety-nine percent not a chance. The rights are a mess. It's a tragedy to us. As a writer and director, you sit in a room and write something down and you anticipate it being one thing, and you give it to somebody like Kevin and Bill Hurt and Danielle and Demi…I guess the tragedy would be not seeing the words that you'd write being placed in the mouth of those actors again. They surprised Ray and myself with their interpretations of our work. They were delightful to work with. Kevin couldn't have been more supportive, and Hurt is a genius. And Dane Cook was a huge find. Always very inventive. It's sad we didn't get to continue the story of those people."

It's a shame that rights issues seem to be the main culprit here. The first film initially only had one financier but the interest in the movie was ultimately sold off to numerous investors and that creates the muddy waters with the rights. The film was also planned for a spring release back in 2007 when it likely would've performed much better, but it was shipped to the busy summer movie season which ultimately hindered its success and potential. Evans did say at one point all the major players were down to come back if sequels were made but that was back in 2007 and times have changed so who knows if those allegiances still align. At least we got to hear about what could've been and, in the meantime, I highly suggest seeking the film out if you haven't because it really is a truly underrated thriller.

Did YOU enjoy MR. BROOKS? Would YOU have liked to see the story explored more in the sequels?

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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