Nathan Fillion as Ant-Man and Eva Longoria as Wasp are the latest Avengers rumors

I will caution you to take this with a grain of salt, as you should with all rumors of this caliber, but from ComicBookMovie, a “trusted” source close to Marvel Studio has said that Nathan Fillion and Eva Longoria-Parker are in final negotiations to star as Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym and Janet Van Dyne in the upcoming AVENGERS movie.

The alter egos of these two characters? Ant-Man and Wasp, but it’s unclear if the two would have their powers in this first AVENGERS film, or would acquire them later in their own features or a follow-up installment.

The Longoria bit is no shock. Ever since she was spotted with Avengers comics back in 2008, the Wasp rumors have been circulation. Fillion as Ant-Man will surely make many fans of the underappreciated actor happy, and his placement in the film would make sense as it’s being helmed by long-time collaborator Joss Whedon, and surely he’d want to give his old friend a shot at the big time here.

But yes, this is just a rumor, and I will believe it when I see something official announced. I expect we’ll hear a lot more about this and other AVENGERS related news at Comic-Con this year.

What, you wanted a picture of Longoria? Nope, MORE FILLION:

Alright fine, you win:

Source: ComicBookMovie

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