NYCC 2016: Awesome Art From Around The Con

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

For me, one of the most exciting aspects of the New York City Comic Con event is having the chance to gaze longingly at some of best art that the show has to offer. In fact, if history proves true, many of the artists featured at this year's con will have traveled from all corners of the globe for the chance to dazzle attendees with their talent. It’s sort of like an in- real-life Tumblr account that’s been curated by a hive-mind of truly gifted individuals.

So whether you're cruising the main floor for a chance at purchasing a Batman MONDO print, or waiting in line to get your yearly commission from the lovely Katie Cooke in Artist Alley, there's a good chance that the art presented at Comic Con will have you reaching for your wallets. And not to worry, if you can’t make it to this year’s event, Joblo has put together a gorgeous gallery to make sure that you see some of the coolest of what’s on display!

Colin Lawler

Jeremy Haun

Guin Thompson

Hannah Christenson

Rennie Kingsley

Adam Hughes

Allison Sohn

Stephen Byrne

Raul Trevino

Greg Luzniak

Nool Gan

Michelle Delecki

Silvia Califano

Jill Thompson

Veronica Fish

Geneuieue FT

Adi Granov

Chrissie Zullo


Jamie Hewlett

Destiny Blue

Abraham Lopez

Royden Lepp

Rebekah Isaacs


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