On May 26th we will finally have our Bluths back! Netflix announces the return of Arrested Development

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Arrested Development

Update: Netflix also released a poster for the new season of Arrested Development which has been added for your viewing pleasure.

In the immortal words of Tobias, “I’m afraid I just blue myself.”

Netflix has made an official announcement that all fifteen of the new episodes of Arrested Development will be available to members at 12:01 AM PDT on May 26th. After years of waiting (and re-watching seasons one through three about a half million times) fans of the show can finally circle a date in their calender and know on that day they will be able to see their beloved Bluths once again.

Arrested Development poster

If it’s not obvious, I’m a huge fan of Arrested Development. I’ve seen some backlash on the show since its popularity has increased but those people clearly don’t know a good chicken impersonation when they see one. Each episode of the new season is rumored to focus on a different character (although I’m sure they will all appear in other episodes as well) and I’m excited they upped the episode count to fifteen.

As reported before the entire cast is back including Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Will Arnett, David Cross, Portia de Rossi, Tony Hale, Alia Shawkat, Jeffrey Tambor, Jessica Walter, and of course Ron Howard as the best narrator ever. That’s right I said it: deal with it Morgan Freeman.

So there you have it. The show that brought us Never Nudes, the Seaward, and Mr. F finally has an official release date. How many of you are going to call out of work and marathon the entire season? I certainly plan on it.

Source: Netflix

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