One Fine Day

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Director: Michael Hoffman
Writer: Ellen Simon, Terrel Seltzer
Producers: Lynda Obst, Mary McLaglen
Michelle Pfeiffer
George Clooney
Mae Whitman
There was a reason that I skipped this movie in the theatres, and it has everything to do with what I like to refer to as “the Nora Ephron syndrome”. Slap a couple of big name stars in a “romantic comedy” vehicle with a very THIN storyline, add a dash of classic tunes that everyone could relate to, have a quirky sidekick on either end, and don’t try to guess how it’ll end up, cause we all know how it will, et voila!! (cha-chink!)

Anyhoo, you could check out many of these cookie-cutters of late, including WHAT WOMEN WANT and THE WEDDING PLANNER, which both kinda sucked, but this film was surprisingly different. It actually had a little ZING with its ZANG.

Sure, most of the basics are there for the “Nora Syndrome” but Clooney and Pfeiffer take it to another level. They are just so gosh-darn CHARMING, you can’t help but love the two bastards!! Add to that the fact that the story ISN’T based primarily in mush, but some antagonistic feelings towards one another, and dude…I enjoyed it…what can I say?

The kids were EXTREMELY ANNOYING and made me re-think the idea of ever having any myself (I’m hoping that they were “supposed” to be annoying), but other than that, the film is pretty safe, pretty cute, pretty funny, pretty romantic and George Clooney rocks my world! (oh yeah…Pfeiffer, too!)

PS: It was the Mrs’ nite to pick the video. Doh! Tomorrow night it’s THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS…never seen it…kewl!!

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

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