Open Water 3: Cage Dive poster channels Jaws like a mother

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

It was just last week that we shared with you guys the shark-infested trailer for the upcoming "Sharks is gonna eat your ass" found footage thriller OPEN WATER 3: CAGE DIVE. I dug that trailer quite a bit, but I'm scared to immediate death by sharks so I'm an easy target.

Speaking of which, today we have the first official poster for the flick. You can check it out in all its nightmare glory below, but let me say that even though this poster rips off the classic JAWS poster like a motherf*cker, I do not care one bit as this is still an utterly scary image.

Between this and the recent 47 METERS DOWN you can beat your ass I will never be caught dead in a damn underwater cage. Nope. Never. Not even in a swimming pool. Not gonna happen. Again, you can check out the new poster below as well as the flick's most recent trailer. Enjoy!

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Three American tourists are making an audition tape of a shark cage dive for a reality TV show. A catastrophic turn of events leaves them stranded in the waters of South Australia surrounded by hungry great white sharks.

OPEN WATER: CAGE DIVE hits select theaters and VOD August 11th.

Source: IMDb

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