Oppenheimer: Florence Pugh never experienced a set like the one for the Christopher Nolan film

The Midsommar and A Good Person actress opens up about the professional and motivated atmosphere created by the Dark Knight director.

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Florence Pugh has been making waves as one of the most promising talents of recent years. She has already shown a good variety of roles as she can recently be seen in a heavy drama like A Good Person, and she’s one of the newest cast members in the upcoming Dune: Part Two. The Oscar-nominated actress is also one of the many notable names in Christopher Nolan’s epic of the summer, Oppenheimer. Pugh has worked with a number of directing talents, but this marks her first project with Nolan and according to IndieWire, the set was unlike any she’s work on before.

Pugh recently gave an interview on BBC Radio 1 and praised Nolan’s professionalism. “Working with Christopher Nolan was quite possibly one of the most thrilling experiences in a different way, partly because he works with professionals. He is a professional. But his dedication to the craft of filmmaking and old filmmaking is just magical to watch.” Nolan is a notorious film purist and always seems to give gravitas to each film he works on. He is usually pictured being on set in a suit like the directors of old, as well as using as little CGI as possible for his film spectacles.

“To just watch every single crew member on that set work so hard for him, to get his approval,” Pugh continues. “And not like in a weird way, but like everybody knows who they’re working for and everybody’s proud of being there. Everybody has so much pride in their own work and so what that does is it means that everybody is constantly trying to be better the next day. And I’ve never seen that feeling on set before.”

She would expound, “Everybody is wanting to be like, ‘I’m good, let me show you how good I am.’ Even us, you know, we were all there every day, we don’t sit down. That’s another thing, you don’t really sit down, you’re just waiting seeing what you can be told do. It’s very exciting.” In addition to appearing in sci-fi epics like Dune, she will also be reprising her role from Black Widow as Yelena, as one of the members in the MCU film, Thunderbolts.

Oppenheimer will be going up against Barbie on July 21.

Source: IndieWire

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