Out Of Sight

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Director: Steven Soderbergh
Writer: Scott Frank
Producers: Danny DeVito, Michael Shamberg, Stacey Sher
George Clooney as Jack Foley, Jennifer Lopez as Karen Sisco, Ving Rhames as Buddy Bragg
Extreme bank-robber Foley falls into another caper with partner Buddy, and a host of other lowlifes after his recent stint in the big house. During his escapades, he meets US Marshal Sisco, who takes a liking to this con man, who in turn, falls for the luscious government agent.
Great crime picture, with interesting performances, unique style and an intertwining, captivating plot. This movie comes closest to PULP FICTION (7/10) in its style and feel, and definitely delivers on the appeal elements more successfully than Tarantino’s over-character-developed film JACKIE BROWN. Mind you, this movie does lack the hipper-than-thou dialogue that was sprinkled throughout PULP FICTION, but even still, it manages to pull off a great addition to the crime genre. It’s got its thrilling moments, its funny moments, and even its sexy moments. Like PULP FICTION, the plot goes back and forth through time, but it is never confusing, and never gets in the way of the interesting crime-ridden plot line.

The characters are real, or at least feel real, and the developing relationship between the two leading antagonistic characters is well-done and believable. Soderbergh’s shooting style is slick, and reminiscent of some of the best ’70’s exploitation movies, as well as the soundtrack which comes through like the era left behind, but the sounds not forgotten. All of the stars are great in their roles, with exceptional marks to Clooney (who’s finally beginning to “act”) and Lopez, who comes through in sexy gangbusters! Also, both stars are extremely “easy on the eyes”, with a tip of the hat to Clooney for getting in such excellent shape for this flick (my brother noted that you could bounce a quarter off his well-developed six-pack stomach). Also, Jennifer Lopez is both sexy and gorgeous. But did I mention that already?

On the down side, I did find the film to be a little too long on its running time, but that’s about all that I could say on that in regards to negativity. Add to that, the superior cinematography of the film, especially during the winter shots in Detroit which were particularly well-shot, and you’ve got yourself a great story, told in an original manner, with two great-looking and interesting leading characters, and a plot that always keeps you guessing. Top that off with a couple of cool cameos, and a slick directorial style, and you’ve got yourself a nacho-munching cinematic extravaganza for the summer.

(c) 2021 Berge Garabedian

Out of Sight



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