The Shining spin-off Overlook passed over at HBO

Last Updated on August 10, 2021

Overlook, The Shining, spin-off, HBO Max

HBO Max will not be opening its doors for Overlook, the offshoot series based on Stephen King's The Shining. The project, which hails from J.J. Abrams's Bad Robot Productions, is currently being shopped by Warner Bros. Television, with Netflix being a likely suitor.

Written by Dustin Thomason and Scott Brown, Overlook features iconic characters from The Shining and will explore the untold, terrifying stories of the most famous haunted hotel in American fiction. Word has it that execs from HBO Max were hip to the idea but felt it wasn't the right fit for them at this time. Overlook was announced as a series order, though it's not the only project coming to HBO Max from Bad Robot. The studio is currently developing Demimonde on HBO and Duster and Subject to Change at HBO Max. Bad Robot also sold Fledgling to HBO in a recent deal.

Bad Robot is also developing shows revolving around DC's Justice League Dark, including Madame X and Constantine. Neither has been officially announced, but sources say that both are in development.

Where do you think Overlook will end up finding a home? Is Netflix really the right venue for this intriguing spin-off? How many tales of terror do the ghosts that reside in the Overlook Hotel have to tell? We'll find out once the show lands at another streamer and cameras begin to roll.

Source: Deadline

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