Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott may take the lead in Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

In my book, Adam Scott went from douchey creepo to awkwardly adorable. All this stemming his role as Ben Wyatt on PARKS AND RECREATION. That Letters To Cleo shirt really won me over. Yeah, so it’s a fictional character, like I care.

No, I didn’t forget PARTY DOWN.

Scott who has been in a ton of parts, but never really made it to leading man status may sign on for HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2 to do exactly that. Director Steve Pink and cast members Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry and Clark Duke are all set to make their return. However, John Cusack has decided not to go back in time again hence needing someone like Scott to take over.

We have no idea to what time they will be traveling this time, and am not sure how they will top what they did with the 80s. Is it too soon to go back to the 90s? Or will they go forward into the future? In all honesty since we do not know where the time machine came from nor who made it, the rules that apply to time travel to not apply to this film so they can go wherever they want.

Who wants another HOT TUB TIME MACHINE installment?

Source: The Wrap

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