Paul Walter Hauser has talked to wrestling legend Mick Foley about biopic

Paul Walter Hauser says he has had discussions with hardcore legend Mick Foley about playing him in a movie.

Last Updated on May 22, 2024

paul walter hauser wants to play mick foley

Paul Walter Hauser has been on a tear as of late, landing roles for Marvel and in the upcoming Naked Gun movie. He has also been cast as two real-life figures: Chris Farley and Michael Larson, the man at the center of the infamous Press Your Luck scandal. But there’s at least one more actual person Hauser would like to play soon: legendary wrestler Mick Foley. So could we see the Three Faces of Hauser?

Paul Walter Hauser has such an appreciation for pro wrestling that he recently took up working in the Major League Wrestling promotion. Now, he’s ready to combine the two loves of the silver screen and the squared circle by portraying one of the all-time great hardcore legends. “I’m literally talking to Mick Foley right now about the potential of playing him in a movie or limited series. I don’t know which and I don’t know how, but he and I have become friendly. And I think he knows that that could be a really great stroke of genius in casting me to play him.”

Hauser mentioned that working within the wrestling community has found a number of faces and heels propositioning him to portray them on the big screen. “A couple of people have approached me to potentially play different wrestlers in different projects, and for me, I just have to make sure that there’s a real story there and I’m not just doing it because I’m a fan.” With that, he knows someone like Foley or Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart are more up his alley as far as body type goes. Not that he’s deserving of it, but Hauser would make a terrific Kevin Owens. And who wouldn’t want to see Paul Walter Hauser  tack on a few more pounds for the much-desired Bastion Booger biopic?

With wrestling biopics gaining some steam and the WWE on the upswing, it might be time for a Mick Foley movie to move forward. And he’s absolutely deserving of one, with a passion going back to his days of backyard wrestling before hitting the indie circuit, building his fanbase in WCW, honing his hardcore chops in Japan and ECW, and hitting his peak in the WWF/WWE. That’s not to mention the countless championships, broken bones and some of the greatest matches ever (who, as The Undertaker, would throw him off the top of the hell in a cell?). And with Paul Walter Hauser proving quite adept at portraying real-life figures so far (check him out in Richard Jewell) and clearly wanting to develop this aspect of his career, we’d love to see him bring Mick Foley to the big screen.

Could you see Paul Walter Hauser playing Mick Foley? Which biopic would he best nail? Give us your take in the comments section below.

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