Peacock is raising its prices by $2 a month this summer before the Paris Olympics get underway

NBCUniversal is raising the price of Peacock and Peacock Premium by $2 ahead of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.

NBCUniversal is coming for your wallet as plans to raise the price of Peacock for the second time in two years get underway! The subscription price for the streaming service will increase by $2 this summer, ahead of the 2024 Paris Olympics. The price hike starts in July, with Peacock Premium jumping to $7.99. Meanwhile, Premium Plus, the tier offering limited advertising, download capability, and live local programming, boosts to $13.99. Annual plans for Premium go up to $79.99, while Premium Plus increases to $139.99.

Woof! Peacock’s new pricing structure will go into effect on July 18 for new customers, and existing subscribers will be charged more at their next billing cycle (on or after August 17). The price increase comes as the 2024 Summer Olympics prepare to broadcast from July 26 to August 11. Plans to increase Peacock’s price come after the company said in a quarterly review that it collected more than $1.1 billion in revenue.

Despite Peacock’s success—with 34 million subscribers—the platform trails competitors in the streaming arena. Comcast President Mike Cavanagh said Peacock is “seeing traction” with its live sports and entertainment mix. Peacock knows what butters its bread with the NFL playoffs, Traitors Season 2, and Ted drawing significant crowds to the platform. The 2024 Summer Olympics is a massive acquisition for the streamer, as audiences tend to flock toward the competitive sports event in droves.

Peacock hosts a library of film and television products, including OppenheimerM3ganHappy GilmoreMigrationDrive-Away DollsLisa FrankensteinJohn Wick, and more. It also has television shows like Twisted Metal, Love IslandBupkisPoker FaceApples Never FallDr. DeathMr. Monk’s Last CaseWolf Like Me, and many more!

What do you think about Peacock raising its price just as the Summer Olympics begin? Are you ready to shell out another $2 to participate in the water cooler action? How big of a deal are the Summer Olympics in your home? When I was growing up, I couldn’t escape the Summer Games. My family was obsessed. If I still lived with them, I could see them forking over the cash to watch along to the astonishing feats of athleticism and heartbreak.

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