Pirates 3….hours??

So apparently the “three” in PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 3 is hours, as in how many hours the final installment in the franchise is going to be. Filmjerk is reporting that AT WORLD’S END, which opens Memorial Day weekend, will clock in at 170 minutes, just shy of three hours (2 hours and 50 minutes to be exact). Holy. Freakin. Mackeral. That is one long movie. Have studios learned nothing from GRINDHOUSE and the hindsight that the movie was too long? Of course DEAD MAN’S CHEST wasn’t exactly brisk at 150 minutes. Hopefully the third and last film won’t suffer from RETURN OF THE KING-itis where the ending won’t ever end. Now I guess the trick is on me cause I’ll be the theater checking this film out no matter how long it is. I just wish they’d trim these things down and leave something for the DVD. Doesn’t anyone else get fidgety after 170 minutes in a movie theater chair with the guy in front of you backing his seat into your knees? I’m the only one???

Source: FilmJerk

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