Pooka is the Christmas entry in Blumhouse’s Hulu series Into the Dark

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

Pooka Into the Dark Nacho Vigalondo

Blumhouse Television is working with the streaming service Hulu on a "year-round horror event" series called Into the Dark, which will consist of twelve feature-length episodes, each one premiering on Hulu on the first Friday of every month. Every episode will also be based around a holiday that takes place during its month of release; for example, October's debut episode was THE BODY, which was set on Halloween, and that was followed by the Thanksgiving-set FLESH & BLOOD in November. We're now just eight days away from the Christmas-themed episode, which is titled POOKA!

For me, one of the most interesting things in the teaser that was released for Into the Dark back in September was the sight of a large, furry creature with giant eyes. As it turns out, that thing is called Pooka, and we're about to meet it.

Directed by Nacho Vigalondo, POOKA! stars Nyasha Hatendi, Latarsha Rose, Jon Daly, Dale Dickey, Jonny Berryman, and Diane Sellers. The episode has the following synopsis: 

A struggling actor gets a holiday season job as a Christmas character in a plush suit to promote the hottest toy of the year, “Pooka.” At first it’s a fun and friendly distraction, but he slowly develops two personalities – one when he’s in the suit, and one that’s outside it – as Pooka slowly starts to take possession of him. 

Yikes. I definitely wouldn't want to be on Pooka's bad side. You can get a further look at this goofy monster in the trailer below.

POOKA! will be available for viewing through Hulu as of December 7th.

Source: Arrow in the Head, Nightmarish Conjurings

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