Quaid on Pandorum 2

This weekend sees the release of PANDORUM, the sci-fi thriller starring Dennis Quaid and the boys from Arrow in the Head got to talk to him recently about the future (and past?) of the franchise. Obviously any kind of sequel is contingent on how well the film does but it does seem that the film’s creators have mapped out what happened both prior to and following the events in PANDORUM.

Says Quaid, “There is a prequel and a sequel. The thing about PANDORUM is there is a mythology that goes along with it that is in some ways, very similar to how Joseph Campbell and his mythology was imprinted on STAR WARS. There is mythology that goes with Pandorum as well. Hopefully we’ll get to do it, that would be great.”

Invoking STAR WARS and its trilogy is always treading dangerous waters for an ambitious sci-fi franchise (last time I heard that was around PITCH BLACK and well…) but at least they’re aiming high. How are you feeling about PANDORUM so far? Are you interested in this film, let alone a sequel?

The full Quaid interview will be up later this week but to hear a little bit more from the man on his upcoming projects (including GI JOE 2), click here to head to AITH.

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